Arts are available as option subjects to all students at SMGS from first year to sixths year. Outside of the classroom curriculum, our school promotes an appreciation for many cultural aspects of a variety of subjects. This appreciation enriches our students learning by providing them with a number of exciting and enjoyable experiences as well as furnishing them with valuable skills.



Art, Craft & Design

In Art, Craft & Design in SMGS you will have the opportunity to create images and objects using a variety of tools, materials and special equipment. To understand Art, Craft & Design it is important to make things yourself so that you learn and understand by doing.





Music is an important part of everyone’s life. When you opt to study music at SMGS, you will sing and learn how to play an instrument.You will listen to many types of music such as pop, classical and traditional Irish music and you will also start composing.



Drama is another fun competition module available to those who enjoy performing. A number of different productions are prepared and entered into the National Annual TY Dramafest and the Cork Dramafest. Drama students celebrated huge success with one of their productions this year. They were named Overall Winners of 2017 Cork Youth Drama Fest. Emma Bickerdike also won Best Actress and Simon Forrest won Best Actor for their excellent performances. The cast of the play - Callum Higgins, Simon Forrest, Ciara Downey, Ciarán Dennehy, Áine McHugh and Emma Bickerdike also won 2nd overall in the All Ireland Drama Fest with their production of 'The Voice'. Emma Bikerdike also scooped the prize for best supporting actor.

Two members of the TY Drama Group, Éabha O'Donovan and Emma Bikerdike won the Deerpark Dramafest Talent Show also with their performance of the song 'Toxic'.