1st Year Induction



The transition from the familiarity of Primary School to a new Secondary School can be challenging and daunting. SMGS has many formal structures put in place to aid and support each new student's arrival to the new school environment.



Support structure

As well as a Year Head, each class is assigned a tutor who has a personal role to assist the students in that class. The tutor is a great support in the first few months of the student's secondary school life. Furthermore, each first year class is also assigned Meitheal Leaders from 5th year who act as a in-school day to day support.


Induction Day

When First Years arrive in SMGS, the first year starts with a general induction day during which the Tutor and the Meitheal Leader will give students a tour of their classroom and school. Both are on hand all day to help students familiarise themselves with their new surroundings and subjects.