School Uniform

Pupils must wear the official school uniform at all times except in P.E. class where the P.E. uniform is worn, or at any other time decided by management. Please remember to put the student’s name on all of their clothing and equipment.


Buckleys schoolwear of Shandon St. will be available in Room 1 on ———— from 1pm-7pm for all school uniform items.

The next sale of the PE uniform and school rain proof jacket will take place in the Main Hall from ——- from 8am- 6pm. The PE uniform retails @ €90 while the school rain proof jacket retails @ €40



  • Boys wear grey school trousers, blue and white striped shirt, wine coloured tie and blue jumper with school crest and black/navy/brown leather shoes. No boots, runners allowed.

  • Girls wear grey school trousers. No leggings, flared or stretch trousers will be accepted. They also wear a blue and white striped shirt, wine coloured tie, and blue jumper with school crest and black/navy/brown leather shoes. No boots, runners allowed.

  • A second school trousers should be purchased in case of damage/spillages to allow for proper uniform at all times.

  • Runners of any description or hoodies are not allowed while in school uniform.

  • Students in breach of the Uniform and Appearance policy must have a note of explanation from a parent/guardian in their student journal. This note must be shown to the Principal / Deputy Principals before 8.35am. Sanctions will be imposed on students should an adequate written explanation not be received.

  • The PE 1/4 Zip is not a substitute for the official school jumper.



  • Pupils may wear one stud in the lobe of each ear and a signet ring on the ring finger of one hand. No facial jewellery is allowed. Students will be asked to remove same if worn. Excess jewellery will be confiscated and will not be returned until the end of term.

  • Make up, fake nails and fake tan are not allowed. Hair should be clean, neat and tidy. Extreme hairstyles such as partial shaves or vibrant hair colours are strictly forbidden. The Principal / Deputy Principal will decide as to the acceptability of any particular haircut. The parents of pupils with unacceptable haircuts will be contacted with a view to taking the student home to rectify the hairstyle. If necessary the student will be suspended until such time as the hairstyle conforms to acceptable norms.



Physical Education

P.E uniform consists of navy SMGS tracksuit pants, ¼ zip SMGS top, matching tee shirt and runners with built in arch support. A cross trainer is a good all round runner.


The PE uniform is compulsory for all PE students and TYO students. 

If a student is unable to participate in P.E., a written explanation from a parent / guardian must be presented to the P.E. teacher prior to class. 

A doctors cert is required by the school should a student be unable to participate in P.E. for a period of more than 3 weeks.