About our School


Progressive - Dynamic - Inclusive - Caring



We take a holistic approach to education and endeavour to create an environment in which students can grow and mature spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally to become valuable members of their community. Students are encouraged to develop their individual talents and are prepared for entry into the various third level colleges or to the world of work. Pastoral care is a central component of school life and each student is accepted for who they are, regardless of ability or social background, while embracing all religious denominations.


The future is bright,

and we are very excited about it!


A glimpse at the future


Our history is rich,

And we are immensely proud of it!


A look at our history


We are on a mission...

Scoil Mhuire gan Smál is a Catholic voluntary secondary school founded in 1952 and now under the trusteeship of the Diocese of Cloyne. It combines a strong emphasis on academic achievement with a caring attitude to all its students. Our school recognises each child as an individual with different needs, abilities and learning patterns.


Academic Achievement



In a caring Environment


We aim to



Fulfil potential

Help each child fulfil his/her potential regardless of background, ability or gender.


Provide a Secure, Stimulating and Caring Environment

Provide a secure, stimulating and caring environment with the teaching of Christian ideas and important aspects of school life.


Develop great Qualities

Develop desirable qualities such as self-esteem, enthusiasm for learning, leadership, caring and consideration for others.



Provide a Structure for growth

Provide a structure for the growth and development of every child through all facets of school life.


Creating Success Stories

Come One, Come All.


2 x National Young Scientist Winners

European rocket science competition.jpg

An exciting curriculum

At SMGS, we pride ourselves on recognising the ever changing demands of our student body and offer support as well as adapting our programmes in order to best prepare students for exams and to develop them into mature and responsible adults before they embark on their futures in University, their professional career or enterpreneurship.


Some highlights



Variety of choice

Students are offered at wide range of subjects to ensure the complete spectrum of students' interests and abilities are catered for. We also adopt a mixed ability approach and recognise the student's individual needs.



We even do rocket science

Science and IT development are a proud linchpin of our curriculum. Among other achievements, we participated in the CanSat competition where we qualified for the European final in Portugal. 



Transition Year

Transition Year is offered on an optional basis to students who have completed the Junior Certificate. TY has proved itself to be invaluable to students in identifying and developing their personal strengths and skills. It lays a very solid foundation for Leaving Certificate while encouraging personal growth and maturity.


An Exceptional Team

Delivering on our mission - every day.


We have always been impressed by the commitment to the school by our dedicated staff. The result of their hard work creates a teaching and learning environment inclusive of all of our students’ needs.

Scoil Mhuire gan Smál is an innovative school drawing on the talents and skills of the entire school community to provide a host of educational programmes and projects. Wholesome participation is encouraged in the extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer and care is also taken by our team to ensure the well-being and happiness of each and every student in the school.


Varied Extra-Curricular Activities

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of an exceptional staff, the formal curriculum is complemented by many extracurricular activities in a wide range of areas including Information Technology, Sports Coaching, Music and Drama Productions, Community Action Projects, National Quiz Competitions, numerous Science Competitions, Business Entrepreneurship as well as Work Experience.


some highlights:




SMGS is a school with a very strong sporting tradition. There are a huge variety of sports and sporting activities available to students, including: Hurling, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Basketball, Ladies Football, Camogie, Equestrian, Soccer, Athletics, Golf




Cultural activities

Art, Music and languages are available as option subjects to students in SMGS from First Year to Sixth Year. Outside of the classroom curriculum, our school promotes an appreciation of many cultural aspects of a variety of subjects.




Educational Travel

Education is as valid outside the classroom as within and at Scoil Mhuire gan Smál we offer our students opportunities to travel both at home and abroad to enhance their whole education. As a compliment to their linguistic and cultural studies our students have travelled to London, Paris, Munich, Rome and Prague in recent years. 


A Strong Sporting Tradition.

"More students, More active, More often" 


ladies football, football, Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Hurling, Camogie & more... 

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A Warm & Caring Place to be

We consider the emotional aspect of each student's life as important as their academic success. There is a strong pastoral team in the school with two guideance counsellors on hand to help and support students with both future career choices and personal issues.


Support Structures

SMGS has many formal structures put in place to aid and support each new student's arrival to the new school environment. We also offer resource teaching and special needs assistance for students that require it. 



Positive Mental Health

We are proud to display our Amber Flag, presented to the school for our ongoing commitment to promoting positive mental health in the school community.


Respectful to our Environment

On the 17th September 2014 the Green Flag Committee raised their first Green Flag which was awarded for litter and waste management. Over the last two years tremendous work has been carried out by the Green School committee in combating litter and waste. Specially designed recycling and waste units have been assembled throughout the school, awareness campaigns have been held which included a bottle buster competition for first years, a Day of Action and various talks given by Cork County Council and An Taisce. A second flag was received in 2016 for energy conservation folowed by a third flag in 2018 for water conservation. The Committee are now focused on achieving a fourth flag for reducing the carbon footprint invovled in the students travelling to school each day.


Engaged with our community

We believe as a school community that it is important to give something back to our local and wider community. There are many active groups within the school who contribute to charities and worthy causes in a variety of areas including Saint Vincent de Paul, Hope Foundation, Cycle against Suicide, Irish Heart Foundation and the Cope Foundation.