SMGS & the Community



As SMGS is central to Blarney village, we encourage our students to become active members of their community. This is facilitated at Junior Cycle through the compulsory subject, CSPE,and at Senior Cycle through participation in programmes such as Mini Company, the Young Social Innovators National competition and the "Youth for Justice" competitions. We believe that through these projects they have learned skills which will ensure that they become active and socially responsible members of their communities. In addition, our students are active fundraisers for organisations such as The Crumlin Children’s Hospital and many more deserving charities which have given them a valuable insight into both the needs of those less fortunate and the satisfaction of civic mindedness. 



Annual Christmas Carol 

One of the most enjoyable events on the School Calendar for over 35 years is the annual Christmas carol singing in aid of St.Vincent de Paul.


Colour Run 

TYO Colour Run in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation. A huge success on a sunny day. Small bit of washing required afterwards !


Giving back

We believe as a school community that it is important to give something back to our local and wider community. There are many active groups within the school who contribute to charities and worthy causes in a variety of areas including Saint Vincent de Paul, Hope Foundation, Cycle against Suicide, Irish Heart Foundation and the Cope Foundation. 



Our students have initiated many local initiatives such as:


Petitioning for the successful installation of traffic lights on the Tower-Blarney road


Campaigning for the provision of a playground in Blarney


Assisting in the balloting process for the Election of Blarney Community Council


Running computer courses for the elderly