School Day



Here you can find important information pertaining to the smooth and productive running of your child's school day:



School Hours

As part of the new Junior Cycle framework, published by the Department of Education and Skills in 2015, there is a requirement that from the 2017/18 academic year, the minimum class time for subjects will be 40 minutes.

Following consultation with students, parents, and teachers, the Board of Management would like to announce that the following arrangements will apply to all students of Scoil Mhuire gan Smál from the beginning of the next academic year 2017/18 to facilitate the required changes, as outlined.

Monday - Classes (40 minutes) start at 08.35 and finish at 15:30 with breaks at 09.55 (15 minutes) and 12.50 for lunch (40 minutes)

Tuesday - Classes (40 minutes) start at 08.35 and finish at 15:30 with breaks at 09.55 (15 minutes) and 12.50 for lunch (40 minutes)

Wednesday - Classes (40 minutes) start at 08.35 and finish at 12:50 with breaks at 09.55 (15 minutes)

Thursday - Classes (40 minutes) start at 08.35 and finish at 15:30 with breaks at 09.55 (15 minutes) and 12.50 for lunch (40 minutes)

Friday - Classes (40 minutes) start at 08.35 and finish at 15:30 with breaks at 09.55 (15 minutes) and 12.50 for lunch (40 minutes)



Pupils must wear the official school uniform at all times except in P.E. class where the P.E. uniform is worn, or at any other time decided by management. Please remember to put the student’s name on all of their clothing and equipment. Boys wear grey school trousers, blue and white striped shirt, wine coloured tie and blue jumper with school crest and black/navy/brown leather shoes. No boots allowed. 

Girls wear grey school trousers. No leggings, flared or stretch trousers will be accepted.They also wear a blue and white striped shirt, wine coloured tie, and blue jumper with school crest and black/navy/brown leather shoes. No boots allowed.

Runners of any description or hoodies are not allowed while in school uniform.  The PE 1/4 zip top is not a substitute for the official school jumper.



Attendance and Punctuality

Please refer to the school hours section at the top of this page. Students should be in attendance at least 5 minutes before these times. Students arriving late to school must sign the Late Book at reception and must get their journal stamped with a late pass by the Principal / Deputy Principal before they can be accepted into class. Regular offenders will be placed on detention.

SMGS Blarney communication


The Student Journal is an important means of communication between teachers and parents/guardians regarding their child’s progress, development and behaviour. In order that students use their journals properly, we request your cooperation in reading and overseeing the following points.

  • Students must have their journals in class each day.

  • Homework must be filled in for all subjects each day.

  • Journals should be checked and signed weekly by a parent/guardian with regard to completion of homework, teacher’s comments, detentions. etc.

  • Explanation notes for absences must be filled out in the slips provided at the back of the journal.

  • Explanation notes for students regarding planned outside appointments must be written into journals.

  • Misuse or defacing of the journal will result in its confiscation and the student must replace it at their own expense at a cost of €10.

  • The journal, in order to keep it in a good condition, should not be used as a folder for sheets etc.

  • A student attending lunchtime detention must have their journal with them.



SMGS Homework Guidelines: Students can expect to be assigned homework each night.

Students must write down all homework, both written and oral, must complete all homework to the best of his/her ability, must catch up on homework after absence. If absent on school activity, must make every effort to get homework completed. Parents will be informed when students show a pattern of failing to complete prescribed homework. Students may be placed on a Homework Card to monitor progress and seek improvement.

How long should a student spend on Homework:1st Year 1.5 Hours per night / 2nd Year 2 Hours per night / 3rd Year 2.5 Hours per night / TYO Project based with deadlines. 2 Hours per night / 5th Year 3 Hours per night / 6th Year 3.5-4 Hours per night. These are guidelines only and will vary during the year. These include study time, and should increase as school and state examinations approach


Supervised Study

Supervised evening study runs in the school throughout the year. The study days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Junior students study from 3.45 pm and may leave at 5.45 pm. Senior students study from 3.45pm until 6.45pm. Supervised study application forms along with the rules/guidelines are available through the main office. A fee of €50 for a six week term is paid in advance of the start of the study period.


Special Educational Needs

At Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál we are committed to the achievement of a level of academic excellence appropriate to each of our students. Students can access Resource Teaching if they have an up-to-date Educational Psychological Assessment which should be forwarded to the school as soon as possible.
Existing students are screened by means of our Entrance Assessment Test and further testing by our Learning Support Department. We then prioritise students for further assessment by the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS). Students who have been assessed by the Learning Support Department and for whom Learning Support is deemed necessary, are catered for by means of withdrawal from French/German class.



Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál offers a comprehensive guidance counselling service to all its students, assisting them in developing self-management skills leading to effective life choices and decisions. 
Junior Cycle students are introduced to the concept of a career and begin learning career research skills. Aptitude testing and subject choice are both part of the 1st and 3rd year guidance programme.
Senior Cycle students individually meet with the school Career Guidance Counsellor and discuss their future options. They take classes in many areas of vocational preparation e.g. careers information, research skills, Interest Inventories, CV and interview preparation etc. They also attend a variety of college Open Days and careers exhibitions. 
Both Junior and Senior Cycle students attend study skills classes throughout the year Individual appointments are available to all students who wish to discuss something of a personal nature.