Meitheal Leaders host First Year Quiz

On Friday, the 5th of October, the Meitheal Team held a quiz for 1st years after lunch in the study hall. The aim of this event was to encourage the students to mix among the various classes, improve their teamwork skills and make new friends.

The 1st years were divided into 22 teams and there were 4 rounds of five questions with 3 bonus questions in the final round. The rounds covered various topics such as movies, sports and books. All teams showed brilliant general knowledge and teamwork.

Congratulations to the winning team, who won cookies and homework off. The 1st years really enjoyed the event, the feedback was fantastic. The Meitheal Team are looking forward to running another event with the 1st years soon.


The winning team with the Meitheal Leaders

Grainne O'RiordanComment