Young Scientist Hopefuls 2019

The BT young scientist exhibition gets underway in RDS in Dublin this week. Hoping to repeat the success of last year, SMGS has three qualifying entries this year.  

Firstly, Second year student Miriam Murphy's project is 'An investigation into the childhood obesity crisis in Ireland - an analysis of the causes and recommendations for prevention. She hopes to find a solution that will eradicate this epidemic.


The second project has been carried out by second year students Camille Udron and Dearbhla Murphy. Their project is The Psychological effects of Alopecia Areata in Teenagers'. They learned that Alopecia is more that just a cosmetic illness it has a pschological impact that effects people all through their lives.


Finally fifth year student Sarah Sweeney's project is 'The future of Quantum Computing: An investigation into the Algorithms and applications of Quantum Computing. She enjoyed this project as it made her look into something she would never have looked at before.

Well done to all the participants on their projects and wish them the very best of luck! Thanks also to Ms. Keane and Mr. Nolan who have supported the students and travelled to Dublin with them. 

Grainne O'RiordanComment