Meitheal Programme 2018/19


We, the Meitheal Team have helped the current first years settle into SMGS. We began with a fantastic training week last May in Scala, Blackrock. Following this, we met with the 1st years on their induction day. We ran a treasure hunt and played ice breakers with the classes to start their year on a high note. Every class was assigned at least one Meitheal Leader who called into their class regularly to see how they were getting on. Over the course of the year, we ran as many events as possible, which included;


-A quiz
-A disco
-Christmas event (Christmas cards and hot chocolate)
-A pizza party
-An Easter egg hunt


We also accompanied the 1st years on their PE trip to Ballyhass Lakes in October. We graduated upon completion of the Meitheal Leadership programme in April, in Blackrock. We have loved every moment of our Meitheal experience and have been delighted to support the 1st years. We want to thank Scala, our support teachers, Ms O' Keeffe and Ms Corcoran and everyone else who helped us throughout the year. We wish the best of luck to next year’s team!