Summer Exams 2019

The summer exam timetable is included below.

Classes will run as normal on Thursday 23rd May for all Yr groups, with the exception of 1st Yr students of Music coming from class to sit their exam, and 2nd Yr students of Metalwork and Tech Graphics coming from class to sit their exams. 5th Yrs will also be informed in the coming days by their teachers as to time slots for their orals in Gaeilge and French/German.

Students are expected to be in FULL school uniform, to be on time and organised every morning and use their free time when not sitting an exam, to study for the next.

All students are asked to clear out their lockers by the end of the exams and to take home all personal belongings. Lost and found items gathered following on from the end of the state exams will be stored in Room 14 and will be recycled / donated to charity in September if not claimed.

Cathal DoddComment