O'Neills PE Gear Update

Such was the demand for our O’Neills PE Gear, especially our ‘skinny pants’, stock from our sale day in late August was completely wiped out.

A huge order to cover shortages,  requests for all items of the PE gear etc has been on order a good few weeks now and O’Neills confirmed yesterday that delivery should take place the week of the 24th September.

A further message will be issued through this app and through the school text system to alert parents of the exact day items will be sold. It is envisaged to be a Wednesday out of Room 1. Apologies for the stock shortages, and as we waited from O’Neills for a delivery date, the delay in confirming same to you the parents.

Students without items of the PE Gear at present are allowed wear their own tracksuit pants until such time as the stock comes in.

Cathal DoddComment