2nd Year Trip to Kilkenny

Last Friday our Second Years went back in history and visited one of Ireland’s medieval gems; Kilkenny City . Following a very wet start we arrived in Kilkenny at 11am and took a very enjoyable train journey around Kilkenny city which highlighted the key historical fortifications of the walled town as well as providing us with a commentary on Kilkenny through the ages. This was followed by an audio visual presentation on Kilkenny Castle and a guided tour of the sumptious apartments of the Butler family within Kilkenny Castle. Following lunch and an amble through the medieval streets we made our way to Dunmore Caves. These caves, dating back 50,000 years, proved to be an amazing spectacle with their limestone formations and many secrets only uncovered in recent years relating to the Vikings. The Second Years were complimented for their exemplary behaviour on this very enjoyable trip.