SMGS participate in Model UN Programme

Last week SMGS students Alison Treacy, Marian Mendoza, Amelie Hellmenn Sam Kiely, Gabriel Fortini, Seona Osborne, Jack Healy, Andrew Crowley and Mara Schweden represented the school in the Davis College Model UN Programme. 


Alison Treacy, one of the participating students has written a description of the events of the week. 

The Model United Nations (MUN) is one of the most popular extra-curricular academic activities worldwide. It is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, in which students represent countries.

DCMUN is divided into three conferences: General Assembly, Special Conference and the Security Council. Each conference is given specific issues and the countries/organizations  work together to form a resolution, aimed to solve the issue at hand. Every delegate is assigned a country and in this Model UN you must represent your countries views.

One of the reasons this is a debating event is due to the fact different countries will have different ideas to go about solving each issue. There is a lot of research involved beforehand and effort to identify allie

I was Peru in the security council and over the course of the four days we addressed the following issues:

1 - The question of the Iranian Nuclear Programme. 2 - The question of the military conflict, social unrest and ethnic persecutions in the D.R. Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and neighbouring nations. 3 - The question of the alleged wrongdoings carried out by the spying activities of the Russian Federation.
Awards are given based on involvement in debate, awareness of the issue at hand, relevancy of points made, and accurately representing your country’s views.
It was a really fun experience and I know the TYs will be doing it again in 5th year, it really improves your confidence and informs you of what’s happening outside our bubble. The United Nations is such an essential institution to today’s world and getting involved in this year’s DCMUN helped us recognize its importance.

Well done to the students who participated in this very worthwhile experience.  

Grainne O'RiordanComment