Sale of SMGS PE Uniform

A reminder to parents that the sale of the SMGS PE uniform will take place in the School Main Hall Wednesday 14th -Friday 16th August 2019 from 9am-6pm.

The PE Uniform retails @ €90. Cash or Cheque only please.

Items purchased can also be handed up on the same day to be embroidered with pupils names or initials, and will be distributed to students at the start of term.

(Embroidery of 3 items €10)

2nd hand Items of the school uniform / school coats will also be on sale on the day with proceeds going to charity.  (See info attached)

The PE Uniform is compulsory for all PE students and all TYO students.

Parents and students are also reminded, as the new school year draws near that all students must adhere to the Uniform and Appearance policy as outlined in the parents section of the school website and app.


Cathal DoddComment