Academic Year 2017 / 18 begins......

Just a few updates for all parents and students returning to SMGS Blarney from next week.

Returning Dates :

THUR 24th -  1st Yr and TYO  (08.35am until 12.50pm)

FRI 25th -  1st Yrs and 5th Yrs (08.35am until 12.50pm)

MON 28th - 1st Yrs, 2nd Yrs, 5th Yrs and 6th Yrs(08.35am until 12.50pm)

TUE 29th - All students attending for a full school day (08.35am-15.30pm) (School buses running from today)

All of these dates and all relevant school info appear on the school app and website.

1st Yr students are advised to bring a light bag for the first few days. A bite to eat, pencil case, a few copies along with a decent sized padlock for their lockers will be sufficient. Once their locker has been allocated, the rest of their school books can be brought in as needed and organised with the help of their tutor.

All other students are advised the same but must have their re registration paid before they will be given their school journal and allocated a locker.   A re-registration letter will arrive in households on Monday next the 28th August.

 The school office needs to be informed ASAP of any change of contact details or postal address for parents/guardians.

A final reminder to all students to adhere to the school uniform and appearance policy as outlined in the Parents section of the app and website.


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