Summer Exams / L Cert Study

The summer exam timetable is included below.

Classes will run as normal on Thursday 24th May for all Yr groups, with the exception of 1st Yr students of Metalwork and Music coming from class to sit their exams, while 2nd Yr students of Art and Tech Graphics coming from their classes to sit their exams. They have been informed of this. 

Students are expected to be in FULL school uniform, to be on time and organised every morning and use their free time when not sitting an exam, to study for the next.

All students are asked to clear out their lockers by the end of the exams and to take home all personal belongings

School has also finished today for all Leaving Cert students. Study facilities are provided from Monday in the study hall. Students have to be in FULL school uniform and the normal school day timetable is in place regarding breaktime and lunchtime.

Summer Examinations 2018 copy.jpg
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