Top Tips for starting Secondary school

Top tips for for starting secondary school 


📚 On the first day of school go to the main hall 

📚 All you will need is a few copies and your pencil case 

📚 Mr. Sheehan will call out the students in each of the five base classes which are the classes you will be in for all subjects except for options.

📚 Your timetable will be explained to you as you go through the first week.

📚 You get to meet all your new teachers.

📚 You should take the opportunity to talk to new people to make friends.

📚 Do not worry if you get lost because there is lots of help around the school. 

📚 Bring a lock for your new locker. 

📚 Bring a packed lunch as the school shop may not be open for the first few days.

📚 Wear full uniform.


✏️ Expect to have more homework throughout the weeks, you will get homework everyday of the week and you are expected to have homework at the weekends.

✏️ Wear your full uniform everyday of the week, if you have PE during the day you will have to bring your tracksuit in a gear bag/spare bag and change Into it for PE then you will be asked to change back into regular uniform.

✏️ If you were absent make sure you bring in your absent slips which will be found at the back of the journal, the first teacher you have in the morning will take it off you.

✏️ If you are missing any piece of your uniform you bring in a note saying why you don't have it and you will then get a uniform stamp.

✏️ If you want to get involved in sports in the school, you will be given a description of each sport on the first day and you can sign up in first few weeks. 

✏️ If you are away at a match with the school you must catch up on the homework you missed.

✏️ You must follow all school rules during the school day.

✏️ Complete your homework to the best of your ability.

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