SMGS Amber Flag presents ‘The Value of Life’ by Humourfit

This is a 90 minute drama on mental health awareness.  There will be an introduction to mental health, followed by a play.  The whole school will attend this production over a three day period from the 26th February to the 28th February.  This thought provoking production promotes positive mental health, highlighting the importance of communicating with others when you feel down.

This production provides an opportunity for families to discuss mental health.  It is very important that parents/guardians are aware that this may bring up some uncomfortable feelings for the students and they may need to talk about it.  The school will make every effort to provide initial support to students affected by this production.  However, if you have any concerns for the well-being of your son/daughter then you should take then to your GP.

Grainne O'RiordanComment